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Online driving license renewal service soon


PUTRAJAYA: Life is about to get easier for the country’s 10.35 million registered drivers – licence renewal will soon be just a click away.

Under an ambitious plan by the Road Transport Department (JPJ), licence renewal will be offered online.

The department’s deputy director-general Solah Mat Hassan said the online renewal service, expected to be available from next month, is for holders of competent driving licences (CDLs), using kiosks situated at testing centres around the country.

Slips will be issued as proof of renewal. Motorists can then have their licences sent to them by post.

Eventually, drivers will be able to renew their licences online from the home computer, Solah told The Star.

There are currently 110 testing centres, but only 25 have such kiosks. However, the department has plans to increase the number of kiosks by another 20 and eventually, to 65.

Under the online system, drivers need only log on to a website and pay for the renewal with their credit card.

The department already offers online services such as e-daftar for the registration of motor vehicles and e-insurans for the payment of insurance premiums.

To ensure that drivers do not forget to renew their licences, the department has even taken it upon itself to send out reminders about a month or two months prior to the expiry date.

There are plans to send out SMS reminders in the future.

Solah said: “We have already started to send out some 5,000 letters to drivers living in the Klang Valley reminding them to renew their driving licences before the expiry date.”

Solah also said the department had plans to link up the databases belonging to the department, the police and the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) so that all information there would be real-time.

“At present, the public can only pay their summonses at the agencies which issued them. So if you want to pay your police summons, you can’t do it at our department and neither can we lift the blacklist imposed on licences imposed by other agencies.

“But under the system link-up, data can be input real-time,” he said.

However, the plan will be implemented in phases, he said, as the department did not want to cause hardship to those living in rural areas where computers or even credit cards are hardly used.


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Compound and Summons

Road Transport Act 1987 and Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987 empowers Road Transport Department Officer, traffic police and other authorities such us local councils to serve summons notices as provided by Section 53 & 115 RTA 1987 and Section 45A VLBA 1987.

Any person who has committed an offence breaching the Act, may be served with a notice to appear before a Magistrate court. The Road Transport Department (RTD) and the Royal Malaysian Police may issue summonses based on both the Road Transport Act 1987 and the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board Act.

You can access the following sites to know more about traffic offences:

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Petrol to cost RM2.70 from midnight

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight.

He announced that the price of petrol would be increased by 78sen and diesel by RM1.

The 40% increase in petrol price is part of the new fuel subsidy plan the Prime Minister announced at 5pm Wednesday.

The price of diesel goes up to RM2.58 from RM1.58.

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Driving Stress, Fatigue and Nightblindedness

By Autoworld

We’ve all experienced driving stress at one point or another. A wide variety of external and internal stress factors can all contribute towards drivers experiencing frustration that can sometimes escalate into road rage. The cause of these stresses can be found within 4 levels of stress:

Environmental Stress
a } Too much traffic
b } Inadequate lanes and highways
c } Too many accidents
d } Traffic jams
e } Poisonous toxins emitted by cars (e.g. carbon monoxide and lead )

Nutritional Stress
a } Improper or inadequate nutrients which affect proper working of the mind and body
b } Poor diet which may cause nutrient deficiency
c } Too much sugar, artificial colourings, preservatives, alcohol, caffeine, MSG that may cause body imbalance and irritability.

Physical Stress
a } Illness
b } Backaches
c } Headaches
d } Side effects of prescription, over the counter and recreational drugs that may have side effects of drowsiness, which reduces alertness.

Emotional Stress
a } Negative emotions (e.g. frustration, anger)
b } Watching and absorbing bad driving behaviour from parents, movies and commercials
c } Increased stress in daily life. With too much stress, people feel they are losing control. The car is a powerful yet
obedient tool, associated with a driver’s emotional ego, and sometimes status. The car gives the driver a direct
way to control their environment so that they feel they are gaining some control over their lives.

While these are generic factors that could lead to stress in every driver, there are particular factors that could lead to road rage. These factors occur when another driver:

. Swears or uses name calling
. Comes to a rolling stop
. Speeds
. Doesn’t signal when changing lanes
. Makes an illegal turn
. Follows too closely (tailing)
. jumps a red light
. Fails to yield

Positive ways to handle road rage include:

1 . Use positive thought and action.
2 . Remember that people make mistakes so be prepared to give them some allowance, just as you would hope that they would be equally tolerant when you make a mistake.
3 . Practice safe driving.
4 . Acquire a supportive driving philosophy.
5 . Don’t challenge aggressive drivers.
6 . Avoid aggressive drivers and report them to your traffic authorities.
7 . Be physically fit and able to drive.
8 . Reduce the stress in your daily life with exercise, meditation, deep breathing, or hobbies.
9 . Eat properly and get enough rest.
10. Take supportive vitamins, minerals, and nutrients

Road Vision
When driving, eyestrain, eye fatigue and night-blindness can produce confusion, hesitation and decreased alertness when driving. Some possible causes of eyestrain, eye fatigue and night-blindness can be contributed to:

. Aging
. Using eyes intently for hours, without rest, in an enclosed space
. Poor diet
. Improper nutrients
. Fatigue
. Incorrect vision correction (e.g. wearing improper lenses)

Some of the symptoms of eyestrain, eye fatigue and poor vision

. Inability to focus well
. Redness
. Tearing
. Itchiness
. Swelling
. Burning
. Blurred vision
. Sensitivity to glare
. Headaches
. Decreased concentration
. Difficulty adjusting to light
. Worsening nearsightedness
. Combination of nicotine, sugar, and caffeine may temporarily affect vision

Positive ways to handle eyestrain, eye fatigue and poor night vision are:

1 . Take proper eye supporting nutrients (bilberry, zinc, lutein, lyclopean, Vitamin A)
2 . Take a 1O-minute rest. Lie down, close your eyes and place a cold compress on your eyes.
3 . Take frequent breaks.
4 . Pullover for a moment and focus on something in the distance.
5 . Try to control glare with anti-reflective coating on your glasses and windshield.
6 . Keep your glasses and windshield clean.
7 . Remove contact lenses after 24-hours.
8 . Have regular eye exams.
9 . Eat a proper diet.
10. Get proper rest.

Fatigue is a symptom and not a disorder. Again the 4 stresses outlined earlier in this article can contribute to road fatigue:

1 . Environmental Stress
. Poisonous toxins like carbon monoxide and lead emitted by cars are inhaled and could affect the body.
. Inside pollutants such as prescription and over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy products, artificial colouring, preservatives).
. Too much traffic.
. Inadequate lanes and highways.
. Long, monotonous highway driving.

2 . Nutritional Stress
. Improper or inadequate nutrients, which affect the proper working of the body and mind.
. Inadequate diet which may cause nutrient deficiency

3 . Physical Stress
. Illness (e.g. colds, flu, hypothyroidism)
. Food allergies
. Driving too long without a break
. Negative emotions (e.g. depression, boredom, anxiety)
. Overworking
. Stress

Positive ways to handle road fatigue:

1 . Keep alert with music or conversation. But not too much that you are distracted from the driving task.
2 . Take a break; stop driving when you are over tired.
3 . Get adequate rest.
4 . Plan long trips with interesting stops along the way.
S . Allow enough time for rest stops.
6 . Eat a proper diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, grains, seeds, and nuts.
7 . Avoid energy robbing foods like sugar, alcohol, fats, white flour, or processed foods.
8 . Get regular exercise.
9 . Take supportive vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
10. Keep a positive attitude.

Article contributed by AAM

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Obtaining A Malaysian Drivers License

You are allowed to drive on Malaysian roads if you have a valid driver’s license from any ASEAN country. Most foreigners can drive in Malaysia using a valid driving license from their own country. It is best to check with your embassy about the regulations regarding your country if you are not sure. International driver’s licenses are also valid until they expire. However even when the rules say you can drive on your own country’s license we have heard of people having problems with the police when they could not produce a local license. Therefore it may be a good idea to obtain one if you plan to stay here for some time.

The British High Commission recommends ‘British subjects staying in Malaysia for longer than one year obtain a Malaysian driving license or an annually renewed International Driving Permit’. If you want to apply for a local license and you currently drive on an American or British driving license you can go to the Putrajaya JPJ (Road Transport Department) office with your drivers license, passport (plus photocopy), two photos and show your work permit. Their address is Pejabat JPJ, Bahagian Lesen Memandu, Aras 3, Blok D 4 Parcel D, 66620 Putrajaya. Tel: 03-8886 6400.

They will take about two weeks to issue it and advise you by mail when it is ready for collection. You then have to go to a designated JPJ office to collect the license with the RM50 to cover the fees. For most other countries (best to check with your embassy about the rules for your country) you have the choice of using a driving school or other agent to apply for the license. Expatriates from these countries will have to obtain a letter from their embassy confirming the validity and contents of their driving license. In some cases the Road Transport department may not accept your current license and insist you take a local drivers test.

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Application for automatic conversion of foreign driving licence to Malaysian driving licence

License holders from the following countries are given automatic approval. Applications can be submitted to the nearest RTD offices.

Australia Brunei
Denmark Mesir
France Jerman
Itali Iraq
Libya Laos
New Zealand Belanda
Filipina Poland
Belgium China
Fiji Hong Kong
Jepun Maurtius
Finland Iran
Nigeria Rusia
Korea Myanmar
Papua New Guniea Switzerland
Thailand Turki
Sepanyol Singapura

Documents required

  1. Identity card/Passport (original and copy)
  2. Original and copy of work permit and foreign driving licence
  3. Dependant Pass (for an applicant accompanying the wife/husband)
  4. 1 colour photograph (25 mm x 32 mm)
  5. Translation of the foreign driving license from the relevant foreign embassy (if details of the license are in languages other than English)

– Malaysian driving license fee of RM 30.00 per year.

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How to get a driving license in Malaysia

“This month’s expat survival looks at how to get your driving license here in Malaysia. While many dread the thought of driving in the Malaysia especially because of the KL traffic. There are few better ways to see the city and indeed the country.”

Important: You can only use your overseas or international drivers license for 3 months then you will need to get a Malaysian driver’s license.

If you already have a driver’s license then it is important to check with your embassy or a driving school for the procedure on changing your license. You won’t have to surrender your other license but there will be some procedures to follow. When visiting the relevant authorities remember to bring along your passport, work permit (or related info) and two passport sized color photographs.

For those first timers the following awaits you.

Five-hour road safety course.

This is conducted in Malay so take a good book and something to munch on. The driving school will provide a booklet to study for the written test.

Take written test.

The test is not hard it consists of 45 multiple choice questions of which you can only get 4 wrong. This test must be passed, if not you can not start the practical lessons. More to the point you have to sit the test again-a real waste of time.

Minimum of 16 hours of driving lessens.

This is where the fun begins. Hope you like manual Kancils. It’s not so bad-it teaches humility more than anything else. Here you not only learn to drive but to park as well. The instructors tend to be very helpful and will work on any problem areas. All you need do is ask.

Take the driving tests. One on the open road, the other in a car park.

Nervous? Don’t be. It’s simple. Just do as you did in practice, don’t be in a rush and everything will be fine. The car park test consists of performing a three point turn, a hill start (which can be a little tricky) and reverse parking. The open road is much more fun, just go for a drive for about 5 minutes, turn around and come back, again don’t be in a rush.

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Procedure to obtain a Valid License

General procedure to obtain a Valid Driving Or Bike License

1st Step : Attend a 5 hours Road Rules and Safety Course

2nd Step : Sit For Computerized Road Rules and Safety Learning Test

3rd Step : Attend Pre-Learning License Course

4th Step : Learning License (L) is awarded

5th Step : Practical Learning Process for Driving or Bike

6th step : Sit for Trial Driving or Bike Test or Q.T.I

7th Step : Sit for Driving or Bike Test with JPJ

Finally : Probation License (P) is awarded

***copywrite reserved from Driving License Services

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